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Don't Get Involved in a "Save the Goldfish Campaign"

In my younger days my then boyfriend, now husband, and I would spend the odd evening at the fairground. We were too fragile to try out many of the big rides and so would spend our money instead on the shooting games and other such games of skill. I remember one particular evening there was a stall of goldfish in tiny little bags of water, some were deformed and others were nearly dead.  We took it upon ourselves to try and win as many of those fish as we could so that we could take them home and rescue them from their plastic bag prisons.  After what seemed like hours, when our pockets were empty, we had won four or five almost dead fish, our “Save the Goldfish Campaign” had gone well. We walked back to the car smug in the knowledge that at least some of those fish had a chance but when I glanced back over my shoulder, the empty spaces where our fish had come from had already been replaced with new stock. It was at that moment that I realized how foolish we had been.

It is only in the last few years that I have become aware of another profit making system on a much larger scale happening right under our noses to much more intelligent animals. These animals are not kept in plastic bags and you cannot win them as a prize but they are being kept in intolerable conditions for the profit of a few greedy men and women. Puppies are being bred in so called puppy farms which are actually just factories producing litter after litter of puppies, their mothers living in squalor with little or no comfort no vetinary help no grooming and no human contact. They are fed and watered as sparcely as possible to keep profits up. They have no bedding and sleep in their own excrement.

It is estimated that 50,000 puppies a year are transported from puppy farms in Ireland to England and another 28,000 from Wales, they are transported by van and train and are removed from their mother's too early, many not making the journey. The puppies that survive are passed to dealers often pretending to be breeders who advertise online and in newspapers. If you can't see the mother of the pups please don't buy the pup. These puppies have had the worst possible start in life and although it is tempting to want to rescue these little puppies please don't, they are actually the fortunate ones, they are the ones that have escaped, their mothers and fathers remaining in the squalid hell until they can no longer breed at which time they are killed.

Imagine that for a moment. Living in a cell from birth making babies over and over again until you are too old with little food or comfort and no human contact, exercise or stimulation and when you can't reproduce anymore being put down.

The thing that touches me most about this is that most breeds that end up being bred in these hell holes are exactly the breeds that revel in human contact, that need companionship.

These establishments are legal, they are inspected  by local councils who issue a license every year based on an inspection of the premises rather than the welfare of the animals.

Please don't do a "Save the Goldfish Campaign" if you turn up at an establishment and are worried about the health of a puppy, politely leave and call the RSPCA.

Always ask to see the mother and if the puppy looks too young to leave be suspicious.


Background Picture by Michelle Brown. Gallery pictures by Michelle Brown.