Tail Chasers

The Tunbridge Wells Dog Walking service your Dog Would Choose to use.

A locally based dog walking service serving Tunbridge Wells established in 2012.

Insured, experienced and caring.

All walks carried out in large open spaces. Dog training reinforcement and a whole lot of fun.




An hours group walk starts once we have reached the walk destination not as soon as your dog has been picked up.

We appreciate that your home environment is important too and will drop your towel dried dog back to the area of the house that you specify ensuring that they have enough water.

We are a small team and walkers are carefully vetted and all carry insurance up to £3,000,000

A meeting will be arranged with you and your walker prior to the commencement of our services.

Keys are securely stored.


£12 per hour walk.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.

Walks can be tailored to your dogs growing needs, after all a dog is likely to be with you for at least 10 years and their needs will change over that life span.

(2 dogs from the same household £20)


Many of the dogs we walk came into our care when they were puppies. Puppies need a different service and we are happy to accommodate. Puppies are unable to join our main walks until they have had their vaccinations but we can call in and spend some time with your puppy, playing with them, feeding them and cleaning up any accidents if you have to be away for an extended time. Once old enough your puppy can join one of the groups. Puppies learn quickly when in the company of other dogs and mixing with them is crucial for their socialisation however young joints need a shorter walk time.


£15 per half hour visit.

£15 per half hour puppy walk.




Please contact me to discuss any specific requirements.

Background Picture by Michelle Brown. Gallery pictures by Michelle Brown.